Tuesday, September 9, 2008

23andMe and Ancestry.com Partner on Genetic Ancestry

September 9, 2008
23andMe, Inc., the industry leader in personal genetics, and Ancestry.com have teamed up to provide improved genetic information to Ancestry.com’s DNA customers. The partnership furthers the shared vision of 23andMe and Ancestry.com of enriching the lives of individuals by providing access to novel ancestral information through DNA analysis.

The 23andMe Personal Genome Service™ provides individual access to genetic information, including deep ancestry analysis developed by the 23andMe science team. Users of the Ancestry.com DNA service will now have access to the same ancestral content available through the 23andMe website, designed to give people a deeper understanding of their past.

23andMe’s ancestry analysis allows users to trace their genetic lineage and discover the role that their ancestral origins have played in human history. Ancestry.com DNA testing combines science with a database of more than 7 billion names in 26,000 databases and more than 7 million user-submitted family trees helping users to make connections, trace their roots and connect with distant cousins.

23andMe utilizes the latest advances in DNA analysis and Web-based technology to provide its customers with a detailed genetic profile and interactive tools to explore their family lineage and health traits. 23andMe population geneticists have developed compilation of genetic content related to ancestry.

As leaders in online ancestry and population genetics tools, Ancestry.com and 23andMe will continue to collaborate to provide Ancestry.com DNA customers with new information about their forebears.

“23andMe and Ancestry.com share the goal of empowering people and families through the sharing of ancestry and genetic information,” said Dr. Joanna Mountain, Senior Director of research at 23andMe and former professor of anthropology genetics at Stanford University. “By partnering with Ancestry.com, we welcome users of the Ancestry.com DNA service into our community to help them further understand their origins.”

“DNA testing is a powerful tool for people to discover new family connections and learn more about their ancient lineage,” said Brett Folkman, Vice President of Ancestry.com DNA. “By combining DNA analysis with historical records, Ancestry.com DNA offers users an unprecedented tool for researching family heritage. 23andMe’s extensive ancestry content will further enrich our customer experience.”

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