Sunday, December 13, 2009

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Coming in January

Genealogists and Family Historians will gather from throughout the United States for week long in-depth learning and research experience in 2010 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy January 11-15, sponsored by Utah Genealogical Association.

Educational tracks cover topics include United States and European records and research to technology and professional accreditation. Each track provides participants one on one like experience to focus, explore, and discover needed insights in research that will dynamically progress opportunities to find and link generations.

Whether you are new to genealogy or seeking advanced insights, you will find opportunities to learn and explore important questions to further your research.

If you can’t attend during the day, there are 15 optional evening classes on dynamic topics ranging from maximizing Internet searching to solving research problems to organizing what you find.

Click on the following link to find out more about track descriptions, presenters, and registration for the in 2010 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy January 11-15.


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