Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not WDYTYA, but rather WDYTIWBO?

I promised I would update you on the NBC TV series Who Do You Think You Are? if I heard anything. Well, I've had my ear to the tracks and it's quiet. Really quiet.

In fact, I've been wondering if the question isn't really Who Do You Think You Are?, but rather When Do You Think It Will Be On?

The bad news: WDYTYA will not premiere in January 2010 as previously reported, according to my source at NBC.

The good news: It's still in the queue.

Remember what your grandma always said: "Good things come to those who wait." So WDYTYA must be REALLY good!

I'll keep you posted!

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yplocalhistory said...

Looking forward to the US series. I have seen most of the BBC and two Australian series. All excellent and I do'nt think it matters if you know of the celebrity or not.