Friday, May 22, 2009

Stephen Danko Has The Answers For You

Have you ever noticed small hand written numbers on the names of your ancestors on passenger lists from the early 20th century? They often go unnoticed along with the other tick marks and cross outs we commonly see on these documents. But those numbers - which somewhat resemble social security numbers - have meaning all their own. And Stephen Danko has the answers.

Genealogy Blogger and Lecturer Stephen Danko is my very special guest for a two part Immigration and Naturalization series on my podcast Family History: Genealogy Made Easy.

After giving a terrific presentation to my local genealogy society, Stephen and I headed out for a wonderful Italian lunch, and followed it up with an indepth interview on tracking down and utilizing some of my favorite genealogical records.

Stephen explains the meaning behind those cryptic passenger list numbers along with just about everything else you need to know about these rich resources.

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