Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boy Oh Boy Have You Been Busy, I Tell Ya What!

In less than three years, members of the largest genealogy website Ancestry.com have added more than 1 Billion people to 10 Million online family trees in less than three years time.

That's a tremendous amount of valuable content - both to Ancestry and to genealogists. A whopping example of "Web 2.0." Boy oh boy, have you been busy!

According to Ancestry, "Since July 2006, millions of people have built family trees on Ancestry.com, some growing their trees to amazing heights. The largest tree includes almost 280,000 people. Another tree has almost 17,500 photos. And one user has shared her tree with more than 260 people."

Have you posted your family tree online? If so, has it furthered your research substantially? Share your experiences by leaving a Comment on this post.

To learn more about posting your family tree online, listen to the following Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast episodes:

Episode 12 featuring Kenny Freestone who's responsible for family trees at Ancestry

Episode 13 featuring more on online family tree resources with Photoloom and GeneTree

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