Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years Blog Series: Genealogy Strategy #3

Strategy #3
Make an Appointment with Yourself
You’re an important and busy person and that means you need to get on your own calendar!

Make an appointment for a realistic amount of time to do your research. Then write it on your calendar, log it in your palm pilot, or wherever you keep your official calendar. Then stay committed to it. When that hour or two rolls around, you’ll have a blast and will thankful that you made time for yourself and your heritage.

Action Item: Post a comment stating the day and time you've committed on your calendar to your research.


Thomas MacEntee said...

My appointment is for 1:00 pm CST this Saturday, January 10th! I will be working on finding my elusive Pressner great-great grandparents. So far I have 14 of the 16 great-greats and this would be a breakthrough!

Genealogy Gems said...

Hi Thomas - Excellent! Good luck and let us know if you hit the jackpot.