Friday, January 23, 2009

Got Questions About Putting Your Family Tree Online?

In last week's episode of Family History: Genealogy Made Easy (#12) we took an in depth look at’s family tree as a way to share your research and connect with other researchers online. But Ancestry is not the only website offering tools for family networking and tree building.

In the newest episode (#13) we’re going to continue exploring the incredible options that are available today in online family trees.

In our first segment my guest is Scott Huskey, President and Founder of an innovative website called Photoloom which, like the name implies, creatively weaves photos and your family tree together for a very unique visual family tree

Then in our second segment I’ll be talking to Sasha Masick of GeneTree a family networking website that also incorporates a genetic component by allowing you to incorporate DNA test results.

Putting your family tree, your genetic profile, your treasured family photos online are all ways to not only connect with other researchers and distant cousins, but also to gain greater enjoyment for you personally as you research your family tree.

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Dorothea said...

I have been searching for the parents of Nicholas Dunbar, born 1773 in Lancaster, PA