Friday, January 2, 2009

10 Strategies for a New Year Blog Series - Strategy #1

Strategy #1
Enter what you find into your genealogy database at the time you find it.

When you sit down to your computer, open your genealogy database BEFORE you search for the first record. As soon as you find a record you may be excited and on fire but STOP, DROP, AND RECORD that information before you take another step!

I made a committment to this principle a very long time ago after investing an hour and a half and several $$ locating a record only to find out I had found it 3 months earlier and failed to enter it into my database. Remember: the definition of insanity is when you hit your head against a wall and it hurts, and then you do it again expecting a different result. It’s going to hurt if you don’t record what you find when you find it!

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Hmm! Well, I definitely know first hand about the definition of insanity. Perhaps seeing this strategy written down in black and white will make me better at following it. I can't wait to see the other nine strategies!