Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Biographical TV Set To Hit The Air

Reality Show producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice) is resurrecting the classic TV show This Is Your Life according to a recent report by Reuters.

The show has an impressive genealogy of its own. It was born as a radio show airing from 1948 to 1952 on NBC Radio. It then grew into a television series hosted by its producer Ralph Edwards from 1952 to 1961 on NBC. And it enjoyed a brief comeback in 1972.

While I'm too young to have enjoyed the original
series, I distinctly remember Ralph Edwards honoring Shirley Jones from my FAVE childhood TV show The Partridge Family in 1972

This Is Your Life also had cuzins in the United Kingdom (starting in 1955), and more recently in Australia and New Zealand.

Take the This Is Your Life Pop Quiz:

1) Which celebrity refused to appear when surprised by Edwards?

2) What famous movie comedy team made their TV debut on This Is Your Life?

3) Which honoree was the most annoyed by being ambushed for the show?

4) What was the name of the character played by Flip Wilson who was "surprised" by Edwards on The Flip Wilson Show?

5) On what long running talk show was Edwards himself the recipient of This Is Your Life spoof?

Click here for the answers

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