Monday, May 19, 2008

What you must know to save your research from destruction!

We’re going to tackle a difficult subject this week. I’ve got an amazing story for you of how nearly 50 years of research was on it’s way to the garbage dump until some heroic genealogy society members stepped in. What these ladies did will have an impact on many generations to come.

In Genealogy Gems Premium Episode #4 we’re going to cover what you must know to save your research from destruction! Don’t let your hard won research be at risk. Listen to this amazing story, and go through the steps you must take today in order to preserve your hard work and legacy.

Do you really know where your research and photographs will be in 50 years?

As a bonus with this episode I have a Genealogy Materials Directive for you that you can download from the Premium Episode #4 show notes. Use this document to identify what you have and who will eventually get it.

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