Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do you remember the Doo Bee song? Episode 47

I had so much fun producing Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode #47! It was truly a walk down memory lane.

May 22 was a big day for Mr. Rogers because on that day in 1967 he launched Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. In this episode we will look back at Mr. Rogers, and you will hear the first version of his Won't You Be My Neighbor? song from an album from my childhood played on my old Fisher Price record player! Then I'll tell you a story about my brush with Romper Room, (and another blast from the past with the Doo Bee Song), and in the show notes you'll find a very old B&W video of Captain Kangaroo.

Then it's on to the announcement of our Ancestor's Handwriting Analysis Contest Winners and another fascinating analysis by Paula Sassi, CG. This time a simple signature from 1900 reveals much about the man who wrote it.

I've also got a terrific website for you that will make you look amazingly organized (and very thoughtful!) as well as help you build strong family bonds.

James Mowatt of the Historyzine Contest will instruct us on how to Gird Our Loins.

And finally an exciting announcement that you won't want to miss!

It's Genealogy For Your Ears!

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