Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Premium Episode 55 - Special Google Earth for Genealogy Edition!

I've been hooked on using the FREE Google Earth program for genealogy ever since I was able to use it to identify the exact location of this old photograph:

288 Connecticut St., San Francisco, CA

As cool as that is, it's only the beginning!  In the newest volume of the tutorial video series Google Earth for Genealogy I demonstrate how your maps can evolve into compelling storytelling vehicles.  Check out Google Earth for Genealogy Volume II to learn more and pick up your copy

And in Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast Episode 55 which was released today, I share an exclusive interview from the DVD.  I talk to a man who creates custom 3D models for Google Earth, and we discuss how you can actually represent your ancestor's home on the globe for everyone to see with an exciting 3D model!  You'll not only hear about it, but you'll SEE their work in action!  

We also cover a ton of related news including new free online maps, land petitions and even a bit of controversy that's been swirling around Google Earth.  

Become a Premium Member today to get not only episode 55, but all seven videos from the Volume I DVD that you can view online, plus tons more.  

And stay tuned, because I just wrapped up an interview with author Leslie Huber about her new book The Journey Takers.  Subscribe to the free Genealogy Gems Podcast so you won't miss the expert tips she shares that helped her uncover the stories of her family and bring them all together in this captivating book.

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