Thursday, June 18, 2009

Compelling Videos At The New National Archives YouTube Channel

Here's a press release from the National Archives. The official launch of the National Archives YouTube Channel is tomorrow, but you can grab a sneak peek today. At the end of this post is my favorite pick.

National Archives Channel to highlight upcoming events and showcase film holdings Washington, DC. . . On Friday, June 19, the National Archives will formally launch a YouTube channel to showcase popular archived films, inform the public about upcoming events around the country, and bring National Archives exhibits to the people. The launch will coincide with the National Archives 75th Anniversary. The URL is

Every week the National Archives will roll out a new film on one or more of its YouTube channel playlists. These include the following:

* From the Archives to the Moon: This video playlist features footage from the start of the space race through the landing of a man on the moon.

* Favorite Things - What's at Your Presidential Libraries: Over a series of 14 videos, directors from 12 separate presidential libraries discuss their 'favorite things' from their respective Presidential Libraries including Air Force One and the famous rooftop staircase from the embassy evacuation in Vietnam.

* Tracing World War II: Released in chronological order, these War Department reels follow American progress through World War II from the bombing at Pearl Harbor to Armistice.

* Touring 1930s America: Combining well-crafted, first-hand accounts from the Great Depression and sweeping footage from the Department of Interior taken in the 1930s, this playlist guides viewers through Depression-era America.

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