Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Access Records at Universities and other Non-Genealogy Archives

Have you ever come across a great reference book or photo collection that you were really excited about, and then been deflated to learn the only access was through a large university or other non-genealogy archive that you are unfamiliar with?   The questions rush into your mind:

  • Where do I start when I want to access their collections?
  • Who do I contact?
  • Would I even be allowed to access these collections if I don't attend the University?

As genealogists we feel pretty comfortable in our own territory - the Family History Library, our local public library, genealogy and historical society archives, the county courthouse, etc.  But the idea of figuring out how to maneuver our way through the unknown territory of a library at a university we didn't attend or another archive where the focus is not genealogy (gasp!) can cause us to click away from that exciting find, and all the gems it may contain.

In the newest Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast episode we give you the answer to this dilemma:  Think like an archivist! 

In episode #56 archivist and genealogist Nancy Loe MA, MLS gives you the inside scoop on how to bridge the communication gap and get access to the records you want in unfamiliar territory.  She'll answer some of our most common questions and empower us to take the plunge and ask for what we want.  Nancy has been featured on the Travel Channel, PBS, CNBC providing her archival expertise, and now she's on the Premium show to assist you!

Also in this episode I have a bunch of gems for you: 
  • The latest news on the Library of Congress and FamilySearch
  • Updates on Google Earth Street View and how to locate videos that will enrich your family history with almost no effort on your part!
  • and a fabulous example of what can be accomplished in Google Earth - a Premium Member shares her personal family history KMZ file and I take you on a video tour of it!
Not a Premium Member yet?  There's never been a better time.  Sign up today and use the coupon code SAVE20 to save 20% on the annual membership. 

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Sassy Jane Genealogy said...

Thanks for having me on the show, Lisa. It was great fun.