Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 95 is Ready for Listening

The nature of genealogy is that along our research path we find new data that sheds light on old data, revealing a mistake here and there in our family tree. In fact, one of my Genealogy Gems Podcast listeners recently ran up against this situation, and asked for help to make her way out of it. She wrote:

“My GGG grandfather had many children with two wives. I recently found out that wife #1 died sooner than I had thought and that about five of the middle children belonged to wife #2. Is there an easy way to move them over to wife #2? All I know to do is detach them from wife #1, but that puts the child in a third category as the child of a third unknown wife. I tried adding the child to the #2 wife, but that doesn’t take the attached documentation with it. There must be an easier way, as this is such an easy mistake to make.”

To find the answer I headed to the source,, and in the new Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 95 Jennifer Hodnett, Product Manager for Ancestry provides the solution which is also featured in this new video:

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iTouch get the Genealogy Gems Podcast App and you’ll get this kind of Bonus Content delivered directly to your mobile device.

Also in this new episode you'll get the latest genealogy news, websites, and tips on preservation from my special guest Scott Haskins, author of the book How to Save Your Stuff From A Disaster.

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