Monday, July 5, 2010

Noted Author and Genealogist Dave Obee on Episode 92

Dave Obee was just a few yards away when I called him on his cell phone for our scheduled interview for The Genealogy Gems Podcast.  But in the sea of family historians at the recent Ontario Genealogy Society Conference he might have well been miles away.  Thank goodness for cell phones!

I didn't want to miss my chance to speak with one of the most in demand Canadian speakers around.  With more than 300 genealogy talks under his belt and eight books to his credit, it's safe to safe Obee has things to say that genealogists everywhere will want and need to hear.

Even if you don't have Canadian ancestors you are going to want to tune in.  It's a wonderful overview of Canada's vibrant history, and refresher of good solid genealogical strategies and principles.  And don't miss Dave Obee's book Destination Canada - a must read for genealogists researching ancestor's that immigrated to or through Canada.

Listen to Episode 92 now (below), which also includes genealogy news, and listener email questions!  Who knows, you may just hear the answer you've been looking for!


Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

Great episode, Lisa! Dave Obee is such a knowledgeable Canadian genealogist. I bought his "Canadian Destinations" book at Jamboree. It is an excellent resource!

Thanks for mentioning my blog :)

A.C. Ivory said...

Thanks for the mention of my blog Lisa!!