Monday, May 17, 2010

A Birthday for YouTube and Genealogy Gems for You

By Vienna Thomas

Today marks the 5th year since YouTube first came on the Internet scene.  But did you know that YouTube is also a phenomenal source of genealogy education and inspiration?

According to BBC News, YouTube now receives over 2 billion hits each day, with 24 hours of new video being uploaded every minute.

For more on the history of YouTube's first five years, watch the video below...

YouTube has definitely become more than just funny cat videos in the last five years (although those are great for an occasional laugh!)  You can literally find a video about almost anything these days, including Genealogy Gems!

If you're interested in family history the Genealogy Gems YouTube channel is for you.  There are over 35 FREE videos on topics ranging from online genealogical search, to how to blog about your family history, to heritage quilts.  My personal favorite is the very first one that Lisa posted, A Nurse in Training Part 1, which is also the video with the most views at 11,637!  Hearing stories from her grandmother's diary transported me to that time period.  I also love Socks to America (which Lisa hints is her favorite video.)

When you visit the Genealogy Gems channel you should definitely check out the latest video on Google Search, Google for Genealogy Update: Its All Related.  You'll learn the latest and greatest techniques for using Google for genealogy searches.

Be sure to click the "Subscribe" button while there so you will always be in the loop when a new video is available to watch.

You can also watch Lisa's videos on the Family Tree Magazine YouTube channel.  And if you have a Genealogy Gems Premium Membership, you can watch an exclusive series of videos featuring Google topics.

And finally, you can take Lisa's video instruction with you with her brand newDVD for your PC called Google Earth for Genealogy, which teaches you how to harness the power of the free Google Earth program to further your research.  You can get it here.  When it comes to genealogy and video, look to Genealogy Gems!

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