Monday, April 26, 2010

Podcast Episode 87 Now Available

He was the tallest boy scout I had ever seen!

At over six feet tall Mark Tucker took me by surprise in full boy scout uniform at a recent Family History Expo. But I soon learned that he was supporting two activities he cares about very much: genealogy and scouting. And at his booth at the expo he took me on a fascinating tour or the history of scouting.
In Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 87 Mark takes all of us on an adventure scouting for our ancestors.

Millions of people have participarted in boy scouts over the last 100 years (and it will be 100 years for girl scouts in 2012.) That makes scouting a very viable family history research avenue. And Mark will give you the leads to get started like his most recent blog post on scouting heritage at the ThinkGenealogy Blog.
A Sampling of Mark's Boy Scout Collection

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