Friday, January 22, 2010

...with a little help from my genealogy friends!

Tonight was a first:  the first LIVE episode of The Genealogy Gems Podcast.  Presented at the Family History Expo Banquet in Mesa, AZ tonight, this episode was a joy to do!  (above: Bruce Buzbee, me, Amy Urman a listener and helper extraordinaire, and Thomas MacEntee.)

My guests were:
These terrific folks were game to go on this new adventure with me and I can't think of better guests.  And I was particularly excited to announce tonight that Rootsmagic is now an official sponsor of the podcast - Thank you Bruce Buzbee for all your support and for joining me on stage!

The audience was enthusiast and didn't seem to need much prompting at all from Stage Manager Lacey Cooke (my daughter and stand in host occasionally on the show, below) and her applause sign!

 Lacey kept it together, juggling multi media, audience questions, and the technical side of things. She's amazing, and I would say that even if I wasn't her mom!

And if you weren't there tonight you missed Thomas MacEntee's show stopping entrance as he distributed his famous "blogger beads" to the audience in Rip Taylor fashion and then joined me on stage to cover the Top 10 Genealogy Blogging Myths. He was FAB!

All in all we family historians got together and just had a darn good time.  Could this be the beginning of something new for Genealogy Gems?


Randy Seaver said...

I imagine that Thomas had to fend off some comments about his, um, accoutrements. The mind boggles, and thep icture confirms it.

Can't wait to hear the podcast - the grandgirls preempted everything tonight.

Glad you all had fun - now half the audience will want to be a geneablogger so they can wear big ba... er, necklaces too.

Family Tree said...

This is a good beginning and a great achievement. I am using Rootsmagic program for my genealogy research. Congrats for this great achievement of you all.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti said...

Hi, Lisa - it all sounds great. Wish I was there. Say hi to Thomas - and all our geneablogger colleagues - for me.

Midge Frazel said...

It is so delightful that genealogists can show the world that we can be fun while helping other uncover their past.

Lynn Palermo said...

Sounds like you guys had fun, love the outfit Thomas, looking forward to the podcast.

Nancy said...

enjoyed so much being a part of your broadcast at the dinner last Friday. It was fun to be with all the bloggers. Inspired me to get started developing my own. And your program Saturday on Google Earth was awesome! Thanks, Lisa.