Monday, November 2, 2009

Amazing Finds at DeadFred

In Episode 74 of The Genealogy Gems Podcast the founder of the hugely popular DeadFred web site Joe Bott shares behind the scenes stories that will amaze you.

In fact I was so inspired by one story that I tracked down the lucky genealogist who found a photograph of an ancestor (you gotta hear this story for yourself to believe it!) to get the full scoop.

All of these tales of genealogical serendipity are not confined to "other genealogists." With a bit of patience and a dose of luck you too could find a gem on the DeadFred web site.

(BTW - you'll hear from a surprise "guest" on this episode as well!)

Listen now to Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 74 and check out the show notes for photos and more information.

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