Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tinkering with a TinType

I think the Footnote Maven planted a seed when she was talking about collecting old cabinet cards, particularly of ladies in white dresses and in glasses in episode 38 of the Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast.

Last week my oldest daughter Vienna and I were going to spend the day together as we usually do each week. But rather than watch a vintage Bette Davis movie, it occurred to me that we hadn't been antiquing in ages. So I hit the Internet, found a little seaside town nearby with a nice assortment of antique shops and a lovely little Victorian Tea House where we could lunch, and off we went - a pair of mischevious adventurers.

Among the treasures I snagged that day was this little 2 x 3" tintype. I fell in love with the facials expressions, and jovial attire...and the American flag draped above them sealed the deal.

The scanned image actually looks better than the original which is quite dark and very small. The more I examined it with a magnifying glass the more I felt the fun these young folks were having the day this pic was snapped, and pretty soon I had an itch to have some fun with the photo.

And here are the results. A merry troupe of turn of the century young people, pleasing in pink, purple and teal.

Of course I have no idea what colors they were really wearing that day. But I imagine that they were the types to have appreciated a bit of tinkering with some old tin.

Click here for a Larger View of the colorized image


Renee said...

Hi Lisa - I love this! It's amazing how scanning brightened things up so much; and putting a little color into their faces just brings them to life. Makes me wonder who they belong to, and what happened to them after that moment in time was recorded. (I hope the pouting fellow in the front eventually found something to smile about.) Really nice blog!

Renee @ Photoloom

Lisa Louise Cooke said...

Thanks Renee! That young man intrigues me too. Is he too cool for getting his picture taken? Has he and his young lady (perhaps the sitting gal) had a tiff? His buddy standing behind him looks totally game for a day of frivolity. And the girl on the left reminds me of an actress in one of my fave mini-series "Berkeley Square" about turn-of-the-century nannies.

footnoteMaven said...

This is how it begins. Giving up Bette Davis for tin types. You're a gonner.

I too love the expressions, especially the sullen young man who looks as if he didn't get his way. Little did he know that visage would be a part of digital technology in 2009.

Great job! fM is impressed!


Lisa Louise Cooke said...

Thanks Footnote Maven - You're right, I think I'm hooked. You know it's gotta be good to pass on a Bette Davis movie!

Joe said...

Great photograph! I like the grumpy guy, I'll bet he's the most fun at a party (at least there's a 20% chance anyway ha ha).