Thursday, February 5, 2009

TV Scoop: No WDYTYA in April

NBC recently (finally) announced that the new U.S. version of the family history themed show Who Do You Think You Are? would premiere in April 2009.

But the music is still playing and the game of musical chairs continues...

Insiders at NBC confirm that the network has pulled the seat out from under WDYTYA and given it to the popular Deal or No Deal. (Is that show still on?)

However WDYTYA is still in the game, and the music continues to play.

NBC execs expect to announce a new premiere for the much anticipated show soon, and the latest word is that Summer 2009 is being bantered about.


Amy Coffin said...

Sigh...I hate Deal or No Deal.

Thanks for the heads up. :/


They could always tag Howie Mandel of D/ND to appear on WDYTYA :-)