Friday, November 21, 2008

Genealogists: RUN, DO NOT WALK to Google

I feel like Google has been reading my mind. For ages now I've been wishing for a way to manipulate my Google search results to benefit my research. And then I jump online this morning and Google announces the SearchWiki. My wish has been granted! And believe me, once you start using this, you'll realize that your wishes have been granted too!

The Search Wiki allows you to work "hands on" with your Google search results. How does this benefit genealogists? Think of the benefits of being able to do a search, put the results in the order of importantance to YOUR research, delete the results that are irrelevant, make notes to your self about what you did with those results, and the save it to refer to in the future! This is monumentally exciting stuff for genealogy researchers! The SearchWiki brings us another step closer to what I'm always preaching in my classes "YOU should not be a slave to the Internet - The Internet should be working for YOU!"

The key here is that you must be logged into your Google account to use Search Wiki. Now I know all my listeners already have Google accounts, but for those of you new to Genealogy Gems RUN, DO NOT WALK to Google and get yourself a free Google account.

I'll be covering the SearchWiki more in depth in Genealogy Gems Premium Episode #15 which will be coming out on Monday Nov 21. Premium Members can keep an eye out for that! I will also publish a Premium video for you showing you step by step how to squeeze out every little benefit of the Search Wiki in the very near future.

Thank you Google Fairy Godmother!

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