Monday, July 7, 2008

Are Your Heirlooms Catalogued?

Heirlooms come in all shapes and sizes. They can be of great financial worth, or steeped in sentimental value. In the newest Genealogy Gems Premium Episode my listeners lovingly describe the heirlooms that have made their way into their homes.

But receiving a vintage dress, table or pocket watch is only the beginning. Once a precious item comes into our possession new questions are raised. How will I remember who this belonged to and the history behind it? And how can I ensure that my wishes for passing it on will be honored?

A Premium Listener comes to the rescue in this episode by sharing her method for cataloguing heirlooms. We'll discuss everything you need to know, and you'll find three bonus download documents to help you get started in the show notes.

In this episode we'll also discuss Uncle Milty, Road History, another great Googlepalooza tool, and a wonderful activity that you and your genealogy society may want to give a try.

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