Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ancestors Taking A Bite Out Of The Old Pocketbook

Don't have enough debt of your own? Do what Prince Charles recently did and take on the financial debt of your ancestors.

Charles handed over the sum of £453.15 to a clothing company for a 350-year-old debt left by King Charles II. Seems the negligent ancestor failed to pay the bill when he commissioned The Clothiers Company of Worcester to make uniforms for his troops in 1651.

Were the folks at the Clothiers Company wolves in sheep's clothing? No, but perhaps they were elephants as these folks never forgot the debt!

As Prince Charles ponied up he joked that he was glad he didn't have to pay back any interest. "It seems that members of the Clothiers Company have a long memory," said the conscientious Prince.

What would it cost you if you decided to pay up on your ancestor's debts? Leave your comment and let's see who will go bankrupt first.

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