Monday, February 18, 2008

Have Your Family History & Eat It Too!

A few weeks ago my husband called me and said that we had been invited to the 50th birthday of a good friend of his. Knowing that I enjoy cake decorating, he had offered to his friend's wife that we would bring the cake.

Our friends inherited the family farm a while back, and in 1997 they threw it a 100th birthday bash! It became a community event in the little town in South Dakota, and soon all the neighborhing farms started celebrating their centenials as they came up.

So it seemed only fitting that when our friend hit his 1/2 century mark, his birthday cake would be the thing he held dear - the family farm. He's also a huge John Deere fan, so the cake wouldn't have been complete without the tractor out in front.

Our friend loved the cake, but refused to cut it, so I did the honors. Which just proves the point, that you can have your family history and eat it too!

(Yes, the entire base and barn are cake. The silo and tractor are rice krispee treats covered with fondant icing)

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